Thursday, November 22, 2012

Loving Now: Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss

I have been coveting the YSL stain glosses, but despite its enticing packaging, I am not willing to fork over the amount for them. However, I love the idea and the effect they give, so I went on a mission to find something similar if not its equivalent. Behold the Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss. I love it! It gives my lips that glossy look with the staying power of a stain for $10.99 Cdn!!! Ding dong! Just a side note, YSL and Maybelline are both owned by L'Oreal.

12:30 freshly applied in natural light


2:30 post lunch and tea




6:30 post supper and tea

Much like the YSL, the key to wearing this little ditty is layering. First coat gives a sheer stain, the second coat a gloss and the third a pigmented glossy lip. The wetness lasts for a few minutes, then it dries to a comfortable light feeling. Unlike most "long lasting" products, this doesn't severely dry out the lips. After two hours of wear, the glossiness is gone, but the colour remains strong. As for it lasting for 10 hours, I am sure some residual of colour remains.
The two colours I own are Pleasing Plum and Ruby Indulgence. After three coats, Ruby is this rich, deep jewelled tone red. Very flattering for most skin tones. Pleasing Plum is also quite rich with an intense purple tone. Both have a fruity scent and non-sticky. Honestly, they are a great item for someone who doesn't want to fuss with their makeup all day.

Down and Dirty:
texture: wet and creamy at first then a little dry.
price: $8.49 to $10.99 Cdn
colours: 10 in total. pinks, reds, plums and browns

Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: M.A.C. Glamour Daze Collection

You know Christmas is around the corner when M.A.C brings out its holiday collection. With its pastels and reference to the confectionery treat, macaroons, the packaging and product are very saccharin and reminiscent of 1950's boudoir. Who doesn't want to feel feminine and glamorous? I know I do, especially with the gloomy, grey skies of winter. I adore the black packaging and the little pin-tucked palettes. I was starting to lose faith in MAC's collections, but the individual products of Glamour Daze has redeemed MAC. I have yet to test the palettes and kits, but swatching those will be next. Trust.

Fabulousness Holiday eye kits

Extra Dimension Eyeshadows, $22.50 Cdn: A creamy, powder formulation, not new to MAC. Very similar to Estee Lauder's Gelee eyeshadows. Some colours are sheerer and more of a duo chrome than others and all have a lovely amount shimmer. With the exclusion of Tall, Dark and Handsome, each are easy to blend with good pigmentation.
  •  A Natural Flirt*: similar to Motif- nude pinky-peach
  • Ready to Party similar to Seedy Pearl- pearlized lilac pink
  • Evening Grey: steel sliver with a hint of green
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome*: pearlized black - not my favourite - not pigmented and harder to blend
  • Round Midnight: similar to Smut- deep burgundy plum
  • Divine Blue: pearlized aqua, reminds me of Lancome's Personal Style
  • Stylishly Merry: similar to Stars and Rockets- bright pink violet
  • Stolen Moment: similar to Satin Taupe- taupe with hint of purple

Powder Blush, $26.50 Cdn: Pastel colour with same MAC Powder Blush formulations. Good pigmentation and blending ability.
  • Easy Manner*: toned down peachy-pink
  • Small Vanity: dusty rose brown
  • I'm the One: bright blue pink

Kohl Power Eye Pencil, $20 Cdn: These are re-releases, of which Feline and Mystery were previous purchases. Orpheus and Raven have metallic bits, which make them a touch less smooth to apply. Additionally, the metallic aspect doesn't translate to the eye. Mystery and Feline are so smooth and rich with pigment, but a tad drier than their previous releases.

  • Orpheus* - black with gold pearl
  • Raven* black with red pearl
  • Mystery*- blackened teal-peacock
  • Feline*- intense black

Lipsticks, $20 Cdn: Lovely black packaging with a variety of MAC formulations. Varying from pastel to rich and vampy, these conjure up the right 50's boudoir vibe.
Image Source:

  • Beauty*: glaze, milky blue pink- any dry bits will be accentuated
  • Innocence*: frost, soft pinky-coral
  • Outrageously Fun: creamsheen, mid tone blue magenta
  • Glamour Daze:creamsheen, plummy purple
  • Dramatic Encounter*: amplified, deep, rich purple- burgundy- very creamy, not drying

    Lipglass, $20 Cdn: The sticky, creamy, and long lasting lip glosses remain true to its formulation and my hair sticking to it.Although, some have sheen, my favourites are the creamy, milky colours like Talk Softly to Me and Pink Fade. Whilst, I like the the colours, they are easily duped.
    • Talk Softly to Me*: light creamy, peachy-coral pink
    • Pink Fade: light creamy baby pink
    • Impossibly Sweet: pearlized light pink with gold- nice over other colours
    • Deliciously Demure*: pearlized cool brown, champagne and beautiful over other colours
    • Flight of Fancy: pearlized rich dark purple

    Fluidline, $20 Cdn: Have to be honest, these do not excite me. I want my liner to stand out, not to fade into my skin with flecks of glitter-uh hemmm Feminine Edge. The one I do like is Little Black Bow. 
    Image Source

    • Little Black Bow*: charcoal with glitter
    • Feminine Edge: metallic pink with glitter- does not show up on the skin
    • Catch My Eye:cool taupe grey with glitter

    Glamour Daze False Lash Mascara*, $23.50 Cdn: A wet formulation to simulate false eyelashes. It gives you curl, definition and volume. A nice mascara, but nothing a drugstore one couldn't do.

    Extra Dimension Skin Finish, $34 Cdn: Re-released highlighter with the same formulation as the eyeshadows.
    • Superb: rose gold
    • Whisper of Gilt: white gold

    Nail Lacquers, $21 Cdn: I have never been a big fan of MAC nail polishes. I feel for $21 Cdn, the formulation needs to be superb and I can't say that it is. Their creams are better than their glitter polishes, but I would look at all the aforementioned before heading to the varnishes.
    • In the Limelight:creamy mint green- similar to Essie mint candy apple
    • Endless Night: creamy pale grey pink with iridescence
    • Girl Trouble: microglitter pink
    • Everything That Glitters: multicoloured glitter black
    At times, I feel MAC concentrates a little too much on the packaging and ambiance, as well as relying on its name, rather than bringing out a quality product. However, most of the Glamour Daze collection is the latter and is posh, sweet and perfect for the Holidays. The eyeshadows are fabulous, A Natural Flirt , Evening Grey and Round Midnight are my picks, and the lipsticks are beautiful and creamy, with my favourites being Beauty (hard to wear), Innocence and Dramatic Encounter.  The biggest issue with this collection is being able to buy it. Online and store displays are sold out of many of the individualized products. However, stores sometimes receive more product, so go and get your name on a list.

    Enjoy and cheers,
    xo Megs


    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Loving Now: Physicans Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

    Liquid liner is the toughest thing to master. Get it right, it looks amazing; get it wrong and you look half crazed and crossed-eyed. Attempting to perfect the cat eye or winged liner, can evoke several expletives, trust me. However, having the right product can facilitate the feline look. 

    Now, for the longest time I was a devout Lancome Artliner user, but recently my faith has been shaken. Enter Physicans Formula 2-in-1 liquid liner.  It all comes down to the brush and this one has a calligraphy style brush that is flexible but firm enough to give you a smooth straight line. I can draw the thinnest of lines and also thicken it up with ease. The effect gives you a wet-look, rich black line for half the price of Lancome. Additionally, it lasts and doesn't not smudge as evidenced by the end of my 12 hour shift, my liner still looking fresh. Furthermore, it is easy to remove and it supposedly has lash boosting properties. Personally don't really care about the latter claim, but we shall see if it is true. It is also nice to know that it is paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

    Here are some little tricks with using a liquid liner:
    • When drawing your line, rest your pinkie on your cheek
    • look into the mirror with eyes half closed, head slightly tilted back
    • When trying to decide where to draw your flick, follow the natural extension of your bottom lashes
    • If you have rounder, bigger eyes - like me, I make them more almond shaped by keeping the line relatively thin but extended the line. If you have smaller eyes, make the line thicker.

    The down and dirty:
    Formulation: liquid, wet, rich black
    Price: approx $16 Cdn
    Accessibility: found in most drugstores and beauty sections
    Ease of use: very easy, with practice.