About Me

My name is Megs and ever since I was a little girl, I've loved beauty and art. My foray into makeup/beauty was figure skating. Let me tell you, for over 14 years, the amount of makeup worn was scandalous! I loved fashion magazines and the ads, they ended up as art on my walls.  I still remember this Cosmo Cover with Linda Evangelista and inside was the before and after of a top model.

Makeup also makes me nostalgic. My late grandmother always wore "rouge", lipstick and always had her compact. Every time I open my Lancome Dual Powder, it takes me back to her fragrance. I love those memories.

 I have been lucky to be working in the makeup industry part-time, on and off,  for over 12 years, which started at The Body Shop whilst in uni. After I earned my degree, I moved to Asia and well,  I am a tall girl with landing strips for feet. Needless to say, my money was spent on traveling, cosmetics and skin care. From there, I had an impressive collection and started to free-lance mainly doing weddings and some art installations. Currently, I reside in Toronto and as a makeup artist there is so much access to companies and opportunities that I never had back East. I use products from M.A.C., Smashbox, Nars, Make Up For Ever, Illamasqua, OCC and many others.

 Believing makeup can be trans-formative, both inside and out, I also decided to start my online diary The Painted Lip to connect with others who feel the same. Plus, not going to lie, I was a little bored and I was in dire need of a creative outlet.  I am truly passionate and love talking about the world of beauty and all it encompasses.