Wednesday, August 6, 2014


For those of us not blessed with long, lush lashes, mascara is that lovely little product that creates the curtains to our windows. Whether it be Bambi or Spider, to have longer and thicker lashes has always been coveted.Thank God for Eugene Rimmel and Helena Rubinstein.

History indicates that like most makeup,it was the Egyptians who started to use products on the eyes and face. They used concoctions of malachite, crocodile stool, galena, charcoal, honey and water. While aesthetically appealing, the dark lashes were to protect the soul and ward off evil spirits. 

My favourites:

M.A.C. Opulash Optimum Black - Teddy Bear brush for volume and a kaolin clay formula that is great for girls with oilier lids. It is a drier formula, think Dior Show without the crazy price.  I can wear this for over 12 hours without smudges, flakes or clumps. The problem with this and other volumizing formulas, is that it will dry out before 3 months.

Maybelline Lash Discovery - such a small brush for those tiny lashes, it gives more of a natural look.Unfortunately, I can't find the little bugger, so I think it is discontinued. Similar would be M.A.C. Extended Play Gigablack.

Cover Girl Clump Crusher - love this little one, as it has a curved brush and literally no clumps. The brush is plastic, which I generally do not like. However, this works really well for giving definition, and separation, while being clump free.

- When taking mascara out of the tube, twist it out. Pumping it pumps oxygen into the tube and increases bacteria.
- Remove excess product either on the lip of the tube or wipe it on a tissue.
- Generally after 3 months, formulations will start to be ineffective and flake

Tell  me about your favourite mascaras
xo Megs