Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 5 Pencil Eyeliners

I don't know about you, but after a couple of hours most eyeliners make me look like a hot mess. Some are cool like that and have rock star fantasies, others may want a less smudged look.  So I have compiled my top five pencil eyeliners that don't give me raccoon eyes.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing- straight up pencil eyeliner, requires a sharpener. Smooth and lasts all day. Limited amount of colours. Waterproof.
Found: Shoppers Drug Mart $17 Cdn

L'Oreal Infallible- glides on smoothly and allows time to smudge and blend. Then stays put. It is a twist pencil, so no sharpener required. Limited colour selection.
Found: Most drug stores. Price varies

MAC Powerpoint - smooth application and great blending ability. Great colour selection. Expensive.
Found: MAC store $18 Cdn

Gosh Let's Twist- less smooth, but blends well. The urban myth is that Gosh eyeliners were tested on synchronized swimmers. All I know is this baby doesn't budge. Loads of colours. Great price.
Found: Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale $13 Cdn

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes- gorgeous texture, no pulling. Blends beautifully and a plethora of colours. The most expensive.
Found: Sephora $20 Cdn

Let me know about other eyeliners that are mobile challenged. Thanks for reading.
xo Megs

Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Skin

The snow and the temperatures are starting to fall and inevitably our skin will take the hit. Winter skin, you know that tight, dehydrated feeling where our skin feels like it is going to crack, isn't pretty. The first thing we want is to slather the richest and most emollient product on our chapped skin. We also want to prevent it from getting to that point. It is confusing out there as some ingredients are good, whilst others impede the skin . For example, any product with phenol, petroleum, and lanolin prevent the lip from naturally producing oils. Additionally, there is a line with exfoliating- too little, you will have patches of dry skin, too much and your skin will over produce oil and skin will be irritated. Furthermore, lips need exfoliation, but no need to use overpriced products, just gently use a soft toothbrush or a wash cloth with warm water.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Avene Skin Recovery- soothes and protects, comes in rich and original- Most Pharmacies
  • Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum-Most Pharmacies
  • Avene Soothing Hydrating Mask- Most Pharmacies
  • Vichy Nutrilogie 1 and Nutrilogie 2- for dry and very dry skin- Most Pharmacies
  • La Roche Posay Toleriane- comes in Rich for dry skin and original for normal skin, soothes and protects- Most Pharmacies
  • La Roche Posay Lipikar - Baume AP, Surgras, Syndet, Body Milk- the entire range is fabulous for dry skin- Most Pharmacies
  • RoC Enydrial lip balm- Most Pharmacies
  • Korres Yogurt cream- for dehydrated oily skin- Sephora
  • Clarins Hydrating Serum - The Bay, Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora
Cleansers  Avoid foaming cleansers and sodium laureth sulfate (detergent). Water can also dry out our skin.
  • Bioderma Sensibio (Crealine) Micellaire cleanser-  Rexal, Shoppers Drug Mart,
  • Korres 3-in-1 Milk- Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Avene Gentle Cleansing Milk- Most Pharmacies

Not only does winter dictate our cleansing and moisturising routine, but it also effects the kind of makeup we wear. Our skin has a tendency to lack radiance, so wearing a foundation with that added gleam will wake it up. Furthermore, a rosy bloom or that scary bright pink will add life to your pallor. Honestly, I am not one who likes powder as it accentuates any dryness, so using cream blushes are fabulous.

  • Lancome Teint Miracle- Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, The Bay, Sephora
  • Clarins Super Restorative- The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix- Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Chanel Vitalumiere- Murale, The Bay, Holt Renfrew
  • L'Oreal Magic Lumi- Most Pharmacies, Walmart

  • MAC - Pink Swoon (powder)- MAC counters
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - Pale Pink, Pink Truffle, Chocolate Cherry- Murale, Holt Renfrew
  • Stila Convertible Colour- Rose, Fuchsia- Murale, Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Shiseido - PK304 (powder) - The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale
  • Revlon- Berry- Most Pharmacies, Walmart
  • Nars- Cactus Flower - The Bay, Murale
If you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment below. Hopefully, this winter our skin won't feel the -20 ....brrrrrr

Take care,
xo Megs

Christmas Looks

This is the time of year where red lips and sparkle/glitter are the standards. Personally, I like to venture into metallics and jewel tones. Metallics are everywhere, especially with the Baroque trend - bring it on. Love me some rococo.

Image Source:

Easy way to wear metallics are through cream shadows. Depending on your skin and eye colour, silvers, coppers, golds and bronzes are gorgeous options for the holiday season.

  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo- Bold Gold, Bad to the Bronze, Audacious Asphalt
  • Bobbi Brown cream shadows- New Copper, Beach Bronze, Galaxy, Platinum

Instead of wearing red on the lip, why not try reds on the eye. Red tones in the form of burgundy, wine and cranberry are beautiful and wearable, especially if you have hazel or green eyes. Just remember to ground it with browns or blacks.

  • MAC Cranberry
  • Nars Grenadine
  • Make Up Forever Burgundy 141
  • NYX Burgundy Pearl
  • L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Glistening Garnet

Other jewel tones like rich blues, emeralds and purples are options that everyone can carry off.  
  • L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow- Night Blue, Purple Chrome
  • MAC- Freshwater, Deep Truth, Humid, Club
  • Urban Decay- Ransom, Graffiti

Image Source:

Have a wonderful Christmas and remember to have fun with your makeup.
xo Megs

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Loving Now: Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss

I have been coveting the YSL stain glosses, but despite its enticing packaging, I am not willing to fork over the amount for them. However, I love the idea and the effect they give, so I went on a mission to find something similar if not its equivalent. Behold the Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss. I love it! It gives my lips that glossy look with the staying power of a stain for $10.99 Cdn!!! Ding dong! Just a side note, YSL and Maybelline are both owned by L'Oreal.

12:30 freshly applied in natural light


2:30 post lunch and tea




6:30 post supper and tea

Much like the YSL, the key to wearing this little ditty is layering. First coat gives a sheer stain, the second coat a gloss and the third a pigmented glossy lip. The wetness lasts for a few minutes, then it dries to a comfortable light feeling. Unlike most "long lasting" products, this doesn't severely dry out the lips. After two hours of wear, the glossiness is gone, but the colour remains strong. As for it lasting for 10 hours, I am sure some residual of colour remains.
The two colours I own are Pleasing Plum and Ruby Indulgence. After three coats, Ruby is this rich, deep jewelled tone red. Very flattering for most skin tones. Pleasing Plum is also quite rich with an intense purple tone. Both have a fruity scent and non-sticky. Honestly, they are a great item for someone who doesn't want to fuss with their makeup all day.

Down and Dirty:
texture: wet and creamy at first then a little dry.
price: $8.49 to $10.99 Cdn
colours: 10 in total. pinks, reds, plums and browns

Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: M.A.C. Glamour Daze Collection

You know Christmas is around the corner when M.A.C brings out its holiday collection. With its pastels and reference to the confectionery treat, macaroons, the packaging and product are very saccharin and reminiscent of 1950's boudoir. Who doesn't want to feel feminine and glamorous? I know I do, especially with the gloomy, grey skies of winter. I adore the black packaging and the little pin-tucked palettes. I was starting to lose faith in MAC's collections, but the individual products of Glamour Daze has redeemed MAC. I have yet to test the palettes and kits, but swatching those will be next. Trust.

Fabulousness Holiday eye kits

Extra Dimension Eyeshadows, $22.50 Cdn: A creamy, powder formulation, not new to MAC. Very similar to Estee Lauder's Gelee eyeshadows. Some colours are sheerer and more of a duo chrome than others and all have a lovely amount shimmer. With the exclusion of Tall, Dark and Handsome, each are easy to blend with good pigmentation.
  •  A Natural Flirt*: similar to Motif- nude pinky-peach
  • Ready to Party similar to Seedy Pearl- pearlized lilac pink
  • Evening Grey: steel sliver with a hint of green
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome*: pearlized black - not my favourite - not pigmented and harder to blend
  • Round Midnight: similar to Smut- deep burgundy plum
  • Divine Blue: pearlized aqua, reminds me of Lancome's Personal Style
  • Stylishly Merry: similar to Stars and Rockets- bright pink violet
  • Stolen Moment: similar to Satin Taupe- taupe with hint of purple

Powder Blush, $26.50 Cdn: Pastel colour with same MAC Powder Blush formulations. Good pigmentation and blending ability.
  • Easy Manner*: toned down peachy-pink
  • Small Vanity: dusty rose brown
  • I'm the One: bright blue pink

Kohl Power Eye Pencil, $20 Cdn: These are re-releases, of which Feline and Mystery were previous purchases. Orpheus and Raven have metallic bits, which make them a touch less smooth to apply. Additionally, the metallic aspect doesn't translate to the eye. Mystery and Feline are so smooth and rich with pigment, but a tad drier than their previous releases.

  • Orpheus* - black with gold pearl
  • Raven* black with red pearl
  • Mystery*- blackened teal-peacock
  • Feline*- intense black

Lipsticks, $20 Cdn: Lovely black packaging with a variety of MAC formulations. Varying from pastel to rich and vampy, these conjure up the right 50's boudoir vibe.
Image Source:

  • Beauty*: glaze, milky blue pink- any dry bits will be accentuated
  • Innocence*: frost, soft pinky-coral
  • Outrageously Fun: creamsheen, mid tone blue magenta
  • Glamour Daze:creamsheen, plummy purple
  • Dramatic Encounter*: amplified, deep, rich purple- burgundy- very creamy, not drying

    Lipglass, $20 Cdn: The sticky, creamy, and long lasting lip glosses remain true to its formulation and my hair sticking to it.Although, some have sheen, my favourites are the creamy, milky colours like Talk Softly to Me and Pink Fade. Whilst, I like the the colours, they are easily duped.
    • Talk Softly to Me*: light creamy, peachy-coral pink
    • Pink Fade: light creamy baby pink
    • Impossibly Sweet: pearlized light pink with gold- nice over other colours
    • Deliciously Demure*: pearlized cool brown, champagne and beautiful over other colours
    • Flight of Fancy: pearlized rich dark purple

    Fluidline, $20 Cdn: Have to be honest, these do not excite me. I want my liner to stand out, not to fade into my skin with flecks of glitter-uh hemmm Feminine Edge. The one I do like is Little Black Bow. 
    Image Source

    • Little Black Bow*: charcoal with glitter
    • Feminine Edge: metallic pink with glitter- does not show up on the skin
    • Catch My Eye:cool taupe grey with glitter

    Glamour Daze False Lash Mascara*, $23.50 Cdn: A wet formulation to simulate false eyelashes. It gives you curl, definition and volume. A nice mascara, but nothing a drugstore one couldn't do.

    Extra Dimension Skin Finish, $34 Cdn: Re-released highlighter with the same formulation as the eyeshadows.
    • Superb: rose gold
    • Whisper of Gilt: white gold

    Nail Lacquers, $21 Cdn: I have never been a big fan of MAC nail polishes. I feel for $21 Cdn, the formulation needs to be superb and I can't say that it is. Their creams are better than their glitter polishes, but I would look at all the aforementioned before heading to the varnishes.
    • In the Limelight:creamy mint green- similar to Essie mint candy apple
    • Endless Night: creamy pale grey pink with iridescence
    • Girl Trouble: microglitter pink
    • Everything That Glitters: multicoloured glitter black
    At times, I feel MAC concentrates a little too much on the packaging and ambiance, as well as relying on its name, rather than bringing out a quality product. However, most of the Glamour Daze collection is the latter and is posh, sweet and perfect for the Holidays. The eyeshadows are fabulous, A Natural Flirt , Evening Grey and Round Midnight are my picks, and the lipsticks are beautiful and creamy, with my favourites being Beauty (hard to wear), Innocence and Dramatic Encounter.  The biggest issue with this collection is being able to buy it. Online and store displays are sold out of many of the individualized products. However, stores sometimes receive more product, so go and get your name on a list.

    Enjoy and cheers,
    xo Megs


    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Loving Now: Physicans Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

    Liquid liner is the toughest thing to master. Get it right, it looks amazing; get it wrong and you look half crazed and crossed-eyed. Attempting to perfect the cat eye or winged liner, can evoke several expletives, trust me. However, having the right product can facilitate the feline look. 

    Now, for the longest time I was a devout Lancome Artliner user, but recently my faith has been shaken. Enter Physicans Formula 2-in-1 liquid liner.  It all comes down to the brush and this one has a calligraphy style brush that is flexible but firm enough to give you a smooth straight line. I can draw the thinnest of lines and also thicken it up with ease. The effect gives you a wet-look, rich black line for half the price of Lancome. Additionally, it lasts and doesn't not smudge as evidenced by the end of my 12 hour shift, my liner still looking fresh. Furthermore, it is easy to remove and it supposedly has lash boosting properties. Personally don't really care about the latter claim, but we shall see if it is true. It is also nice to know that it is paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

    Here are some little tricks with using a liquid liner:
    • When drawing your line, rest your pinkie on your cheek
    • look into the mirror with eyes half closed, head slightly tilted back
    • When trying to decide where to draw your flick, follow the natural extension of your bottom lashes
    • If you have rounder, bigger eyes - like me, I make them more almond shaped by keeping the line relatively thin but extended the line. If you have smaller eyes, make the line thicker.

    The down and dirty:
    Formulation: liquid, wet, rich black
    Price: approx $16 Cdn
    Accessibility: found in most drugstores and beauty sections
    Ease of use: very easy, with practice.

    Friday, October 26, 2012

    Review: A B C's of BB creams


    Blemish Balms or Beauty Balms (BB), whatever you want to call them, are the latest buzz product in North America and I am asked about them all the time.  First, just a little bit about them. They have been around the beauty industry in Asia via Germany a number of years ago as a skin treatment/protector with the ability to cover and an alternative to heavy foundations.

    Skip to now, where Western beauty companies stretched the term BB Cream to their versions. I say versions because they are not quite the same as their Asian counterparts. Not to say they are not fantastic products, but let's call them what they are - a repackaged and re-marketed tinted moisturizer. As aforementioned, true BB Creams are a skin treatment with coverage and the Western versions also "treat" the skin, ish.  For instance, most prime, moisturise, cover, and protect. All of which have done in the past/present by tinted moisturisers. With that said, the newest bunch have started to include such ingredients as vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. Making them closer to the Asian versions. Some of the BB Creams on the market include:
    • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB- sheer to light coverage, SPF 30, oil free, moisturising, five colours,good for combo skin
    • L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB- granular,very sheer radiance, moisturizing, four colours, dry skin
    • L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream-  SPF 15, two colours, light coverage, normal to dry
    • Marcelle BB Cream- sheer to light coverage, moisturising,radiance, two colours, dry skin
    • Marcelle Anti-Aging BB Cream-  SPF 20, two colours, medium coverage, hydrating, radiance, normal to dry skin (My favourite)
    • Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew- light coverage,Vitamin C,  moisturizing, two colours, combo skin
    • Gosh BB Cream- liquid/runny, sheer to light coverage, moisturizing,four colours, dry skin
    • Annabelle BB Cream- SPF 15 medium coverage, moisturising, two colours,normal to dry skin
    • Clinique Perfecting BB Cream- light coverage, three colours (very pink), moisturising, radiance, combo skin
    • Stila HD 10-in-1 Beauty Balm- one colour, sheer, hydrating, oil free, paraben free, normal to dry.
    • Smashbox BB Cream- SPF 35, tacky, light coverage, five colours, dry to combination skin
    • Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi-Lift BB Cream- more anti-aging ,poor blendabilty, moisturizing, illuminates, three colours, mature dry skin
    • Vichy Pro-Even BB Cream- SPF 20, two colours, moisturising, normal to dry, medium coverage, Vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid
    • Vichy Neovidol BB Cream- one colour, mature skin, dry, anti-aging
    As for the Asian BB creams most are Korean such as Dr. Jart, Missha, Lioele, and Skin Food. These lovelies fight blemishes, have anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Why didn't I buy them when I lived there?!!!

    This isn't to say that North America doesn't have a BB Cream... it just doesn't call itself that. In Canada, Cover FX is such a product and is put in the category of a Cosmeceutical - cosmetics that heal, protect and treat the skin, thus a traditional Asian BB Cream.  It contains vitamins F, A, C and E and was developed at Sunnybrook Hospital for those who had scars, rosacea, and burns. Fantastic company and products. I use them on brides and they photograph beautifully.

    I apologise with the length, but as a consumer, especially in the beauty industry, it can be overwhelming. Therefore, clarification, information and suggestions are definitely needed. So, now that we have a clearer understanding of these guys, companies are now introducing the CC cream- colour and correct, or colour and care. They one upped the BB cream. The two I have heard about are from Chanel and Oil of Olay.

    Whatever you choose, they are a fabulous alternative to foundation and easy to use. Let me know which BB Cream you like.

    Take Care,
    xo Megs

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    Loving Now: Estee Lauder

    My foray into Estee Lauder was my mother. Traumatized and intimidated by Youth Dew and the old, ornate gold lipstick packaging, many my age and younger, associate the company with a more mature generation. Something Estee Lauder is acutely aware of as evidenced by having Tom Pecheux at the helm of creating gorgeous colour stories and collections appealing to a broader range of consumers.
    I ventured into the cloud of White Linen and little brown bottles, to discover a gun metal coloured lipstick/luminizer, metallic creamy eyeshadows and a vampy autumn collection. The Pure Colour Gelee Powder eyeshadows were calling me the most. I wanted to try them all, however two decidedly caught my eye - cyber teal and cyber lilac. Both are begging to be used in a smokey eye and can be best described as a metallic smokey teal and lilac. Pure and simple. The formulation is not new, as Estee Lauder launched it last year and we have seen it at M.A.C.  They are creamy, yet  powdery. They blend beautifully and last over 12 hours. I would love to purchase more, but they are on the expensive side.

    The down and dirty:
    • texture: creamy and powdery
    • colours: 14, 6 of which are limited edition
    • price: $28 Cdn
    Oh and I am not done, in another blog post I mentioned the Invisible Fluid foundation. This directly competes with Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua, YSL Touch Eclat, Urban Decay's Naked, and Armani's Maestro Fusion. I have tried all of them and I have to say the Invisible Fluid and Vitalumiere Aqua are my favourite, but for different reasons. Having normal to oily skin, I find the Invisible Fluid allows my skin to show without worry of oil coming through. My skin but better. Vitalumiere Aqua gives my skin a nice natural dewiness without an oil slick. So all in all, I am impressed with Estee Lauder's direction and challenging itself. 
    The down and dirty:
    • coverage: sheer to light
    • finish: semi-matte
    • price: $42.50 Cdn
    xo Megs

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Review: Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

    I know the beauty world is all a flutter about Giorgio Armani's Maestro Fusion Makeup and I wouldn't be me if I didn't do a review on it.  I enjoy the beauty industry challenging itself with new technology and formulations . This has been seen in recent years by Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua and  Estee Lauder's Invisible Fluid. Both of which are fabulous and make the skin look incredible.  Giorgio Armani has stepped it up with, perhaps, a completely new way of looking at skin.

    Maestro Fusion Makeup

    Let me just preface this review by saying that in the past I have not been impressed with Giorgio Armani foundations. I have owned Face Fabric and Luminous Silk, and those were so full of silicones, I ended up throwing them out.  Drum roll please......Maestro Fusion's first ingredient is Dimethicone

    I was able to get my hands on a sample of this "revolutionary complexion perfector", as it is not available in Canada until October 2012 at Holt Renfrew. Why is this so revolutionary?
    First of all it does not contain water nor powders. Instead, it is made up of different oils - volatile, semi volatile, non-volatile. These oils evaporate from the skin, leaving a thin layer of skin perfecting pigments.

    By now, you normal to oily/oily skinned girls are freaking out with the mere mention of putting oil on your face..... Fear not, certain oils are fantastic for oily skin  and as a combination girl, this did not make me oilier and it actually made my skin feel extremely comfortable. As for the reported weightless feel, the claims are true. The texture is very watery and non-greasy. It blends like a dream and my skin was uniform in colour, but it allowed my freckles to show through.

    Using my fingers, as suggested by the SA at Holt Renfrew, I worked the tiniest i.e., three drops, into my skin and patting more of it where I had imperfections. I don't have many issues with my skin, but those that were there, were not covered. Hmmmmm complexion perfector....????

    Additionally, I can see those of you with dry skin not enjoying this. As the formulation will probably adhere to any dry patches and through researching other reviews, it did exactly this. However, if you have good skin and want to even it out, this will be a beautiful choice, but at a steep price. 

    The down and dirty:
    • price: $68 Cdn at Holt Renfrew
    • coverage; sheer to medium
    • finish: natural with slight sheen
    • colours: 12
    xo Megs


    Monday, September 17, 2012

    Review: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat

    image source:

    With the huge success of Touche Eclat concealer/highlighter, YSL has launched the new foundation Le Teint Touche Eclat.  As I am a foundation trollop, I had to get my hands on this one.
    Image Source:

    YSL describes this foundation as illuminating, dimensional radiance, weightless perfection. It is suppose to target the shadowy areas and highlight the contours, whilst being buildable without the opaque fillers.
    The packaging is luxurious and I love the pump. The product itself is lovely. With combination-oily skin, I have to be very careful with the word "radiance" as my face can look like I have been kickboxing within an hour. However, this gave my skin a very slight glow and my face never looked greasy. The coverage was medium but not able to completely cover my lovely red spots. It is definitely buildable without looking or feeling heavy.  Finally, the colour range is great and it's about time. This is where YSL has faltered in the past. This time around, there are choices of cool (BR), neutral(B) and warm tones(BD).
    While, I like this foundation, I don't love it and I wanted to love it. Trust me (please see aforementioned use of trollop).  I can't put my finger on it, perhaps it's the price? Or the underwhelming effect on my skin? Either way, I felt meh about it.

    The down and dirty:
    • price: $60cdn
    • coverage: medium buildable
    • finish: slightly dewy
    • colours: 17 - from the fairest B10 to the darkest B90

    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    A/W 2012 Trend: Bold Eye

    Ahhh yes, the bold/graphic/futuristic eye. Whatever you want to call it, it definitely is not for the faint of heart or the average makeup wearing person. Personally, there are trends in fashion and makeup that just do not translate as "wearable".  Stella McCartney's electric blue lashes remind me of the colour loving eighties.  I mean, we did see neon everywhere this summer *shudder*. I could wear this, but then again, do I want to?

    Maybe I am being too harsh. Okay, so a little tweaking of Anna Sui's cobalt winged liner is definitely a do in my book - minus the geisha dot. I also like the matchy matchy nail and eyeshadow colour. Hey,we all need a bit of colour in the winter. High five Pat McGrath. However, what I am suppose to do with Miu Miu and Prada?, well...let me see... The lesson here is to take elements of trends and make them work for you. Use colour instead of the obvious black, go for a thick eyeliner, and use pastels for autumn instead of spring. Why not? And sometimes, just sometimes we have to admit to ourselves, that some looks are just meant for the runway.

    Backstage Anna Sui A/W '12

    Miu Miu A/W '12

    Backstage at Prada A/W'12

    Stella McCartney A/W '12

    To bring some of these looks to life, I recommend that you buy the trendier mass/drugstore products as this is their niche. Here are some recommended products:
    • Annabelle Kohl liner in Lapis Blue
    • Gosh mascara in Electric Blue
    • Covergirl Liquiline Blast in Blue Bloom
    • Bourjois Eyeshadow in 55 Bleu Myosotis
    • Make Up Forever Eyeshadow in #150
    Again, makeup is suppose to fun and creative. Enjoy yourself and never take it too seriously
    xo Megs

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    A/W 2012 Trend: Fresh and Healthy

    You have your graphic liners, cobalt blue lashes and your oxblood red lips, but it is the healthy look  that is the freshest, yet possibly the most difficult to obtain.  As seen as Michael Kors, the wind burnt cheek literally looks like you have been outside playing in the snow.  Hats off to Shiseido's Dick Page for this gorgeous natural look.
    Michael Kors

    To obtain this type of look, you need to start with a great base and really concentrate on the skin itself. Make sure it is well moisturized and perfected with primer and foundation. It needs to be flawless. At Michael Kors, Dick Page accounts the new Rouge Lacquer (gorgeous) in Drama for those rosy red cheeks. The Rouge Lacquer was placed on the apples of the cheeks, in a chevron pattern, and then blended with a damp sponge. Only top lashes are coated with mascara and then the stained (non glossy) red lip.

    Here are some other recommended products:
    • Benefit Benetint
    • Shiseido Rouge Lacquer in Drama
    • Stila Convertible Colour lip and cheek in Gerbera, Rose, Poppy
    • MAC blush in Scarlett
    • Lancome Blush Subtil in Cedar Rose
    • Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in #8

    This winter, have fun and get outside, then you can have rosy cheeks for free!
    xo Megs


    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Daily Essentials

    Being a product/beauty junkie and working in the industry, I am exposed to many products. There is always something new and of course, we (I mean I) want to try it. I know we get caught up with the latest trend, or the newest buzz ingredient. Sometimes we need to take a step back see what really works for us, rather than buying into the newest and greatest "paid for" trend.

    L-R Jurlique Balance Face Oil, Active C, Shiseido Face Cottons, MAC Select Moisturecover, Shu Uemura lash curlers, Bioderma Sensibio, MAC Opulash Optimum black, Korres White Tea cleanser

     La Roche Posay-Active C eyes

    Love this little tube of Ascorbic Acid goodness. So many Dermatologists recommend this line from France. I have brought this little baby home time and time again.  Not only is Vitamin C good for brightening and a great antioxidant but the Active C's vitamin C is stable and it has a beautiful velvet consistency. I truly believe that using this everyday has really helped make my skin look good. The Face Active C compliments it beautifully.

    found at drugstores for $32

    Bioderma Sensibio (aka Crealine) Micellaire

    Now I know this is hyped up all over YouTube and honestly, I have used this since it came to Canada over 2 years ago. I have tried other Micellaire waters and they end up sticky or not removing all of my makeup. This 250ml of loveliness, is perfect for removing all makeup without residue and it does not sting nor dry my skin out. I can't even count how many bottles I've purchased. My only complaint is not being able to find the larger size bottle.

    found at Shoppers Drug Mart- $22cdn for 250ml

    Jurlique Balancing Face Oil

    I can't remember where I read about this little oil, but I am so glad I came across it. I am combo oily in the summer and this has delighted my skin. I use it in the morning before putting on makeup and it absorbs so quickly into the skin. I love it.

    found at Sephora $60 cdn

    MAC Opulash Optimum Black mascara

    I have already written about this gem and I will shout it to the heavens about how much I love this mascara. Honestly, it is the only mascara that does not smudge at the end of the day. It volumizes, keeps a curl and it is incredibly black. Love, love, love it.

    found at MAC stores and counters $19 cdn

    Shu Uemura eyelash curler

    There are definitely less expensive curlers out there, but for me, this one does the best curl. You might wonder what is the difference  between curlers. Well, the shape is one the main things. Also, the ergonomics of the curler itself. This little curler has a cult following, the only problem is trying to find it. With Shu Uemura found at select Holt Renfrew, it is not all that accessible. I believe Sephora does carry the curlers too. If you do find it, you won't be disappointed in the results.

    found at select Holt Renfrew and Sephora $19 cdn


    Shiseido Cottons

    You might think all facial cottons are the same, but you would definitely be wrong. For one, a package of these contains 165 for $9 cdn. I compared the price to luxury drugstore brand to these and Shiseido is less expensive. They also do not shed and you use less product because the cotton does not absorb all of it.

    found at Shoppers Drug Mart and Shiseido counters $9 cdn

    Korres White Tea cleanser

    I tried many products from Korres and this is one of my favourites. Love the idea of a natural product that works incredibly well. This is made for more combo-oily skins and it doesn't strip the skin. It doesn't contain mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, ethanol amine and harsh detergents.  It leaves my skin soft, moisturized and squeaky clean. Added bonus is that white tea is a great antioxidant.

    found at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora $26 cdn

    MAC Select Moisturecover concealer

    I am new to this concealer and I am glad I tried it. I thought it might be too moisturizing, but I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't creep into the fine lines under my eyes and the coverage is fabulous. There are tons of colours and it is so easy to blend. It lasts for a good 6-8 hours.

    found at MAC stores and counters $22 cdn

    SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV defense SPF 50

    I wrote about this in another blog, but I just need to reiterate how fantastic this is. If you have oily skin and want a physical sunscreen, then this is your ticket. It doesn't leave that grey/white hue that is associated with zinc oxide as it is slightly tinted. Some sunscreens are horrible for makeup, but this allows makeup to be easily blended. Such a great product.

    found at select Spas/Salons

    Loving Now: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation

    Gotta say, this little foundation is worth the hype. I love the coverage - sheer to medium and the finish - semi-matte. It is my skin, only better. I found the perfect colour in Vanilla 52, however others might not be so lucky. It is limited in its shade selection and this is an issue with many mass companies. If you are any higher, then say, NC 35 forget it.  At $27, it is a little pricey for a drugstore foundation, but many mass companies are upping their prices to the point where there isn't much of a price difference between the "high-end" and drugstore brands.

    The down and dirty:
    • finish: semi-matte
    • price $27 cdn found only at Shoppers Drug Mart
    • coverage: sheer to medium
    • colours: 5 from very fair 51 Vanille Clair to medium 56 Hale Clair

    Saturday, September 1, 2012

    Olivia Palermo Tutorial

    A designer's dream, Olivia Palermo has been seen everywhere these days. She is a classic beauty but is edgy with her fashion choices. Complimenting her style, is her simple, yet elegant makeup. Generally, she wears a thick, dark chocolate line along the top lash with lots of lashes, a neutral cheek and complimentary lip. However, she will wear a darker, smokey eye from time to time. This is my interpretation of that look. Enjoy

    xo Megs

    Olivia Palermo tutorial


    Friday, August 31, 2012

    Top 5...... Eyeshadow (companies)

    With the plethora of eyeshadows out there and "must have" palettes, I feel overwhelmed as to where I should invest my hard earned money. I am sure I am not alone feeling this way, so I have thought long and hard about which companies make the best powdered eyeshadows.  Using criteria of pigment, textures, variety of colours, how long they last, and blending ability, here are my top 5 (in no particular order and keep in mind I haven't tried all eyeshadows out there)


    They still remain the most popular and understandably so. They have so many colours and with all the different textures - matte2, frost, matte, satin, lustre, veluxe, veluxe pearl, velvet, not to mention the LE collections like Starflash, it remains a favourite of makeup artists. MAC knows what they are doing and whilst not every texture is fabulous...uh hmmmm Lustre I am talking to you, their Veluxe Pearls, Frost, and Matte 2 are fantastic. Most are a dream to blend, the pigmentation is fab and they last and last.

    Urban Decay 

    With their cheeky names and their success of the Naked Palette, this little company has come a long way. Their deluxe eyeshadows are gorge. The colours are well pigmented and they feel luxurious. Blending is never tricky and their variety of colours never disappoint. Not only are the aforementioned reasons enough, but their new packaging for palettes is a great idea and just plain smart.


    Yes, I am partial to these guys as I wrote about them in another blog post. The bias has merit. The range and amount of textures and hues are amazing. They last super long and they are fabulously pigmented. Their mattes are one of the best out there and never feel chalky.

    Make Up For Ever

    I don't hear much in the blogosphere regarding these guys and honestly I am a little perplexed. They have unique shades that have incredible pigmentation. Use them wet, use them dry.....just use them. You won't be sorry.



    I remember when we received the trio palettes and couldn't believe the consistency and colour pay off of these. Amazing. This is one drugstore company that does colour well. They have an incredible range of brights and more subtle colours. If you want a trendy colour, these guys are definitely worth a look.

    Honorable mentions:

    L'Oreal- their line of eyeshadow has improved. The HIP range was a great start but too few colours and those were really saturated and intense. However, within the last year they launched the Infallible eyeshadows. These are lovely and velvety smooth, but again the colour range is limited.

    Unfortunately you notice I don't have many drugstore/highstreet companies as I find this is where the mass makeup names need to desperately improve. I have never tried but have heard that UK brands like Sleek, MUA and a few others are definitely worth checking out.

    Let me know about your favourite eyeshadow companies.
    xo Megs

    Thursday, August 30, 2012

    Review: MAC Style Seeker Collection

    Being a hardcore makeup junkie, I had to check out the newest offering at MAC - Style Seeker. Honestly, the colours are perfect for Autumn i.e., warm reds, bronzes, golds, browns, and oranges. They evoke the changing of the leaves, as well as spiciness and richness . The visual also denoted such images as girls who are world travelers and eclectically dressed in beautiful ornamentation and ethnic prints. Gorgeous.

    The colours are vivid and the textures are typical MAC - Matte, Veluxe Pearl, Frost, Satin, etc. You will notice some core colours within this collection, do not waste your money on those, you can always purchase them at a later date. Concentrate more on the unique offerings such as Marche aux Puces or On the Hunt. Sure, you can find similar colours within the core, but these have something a little extra.

    Meanwhile, the Mattene Lipsticks are soft and creamy. This isn't a new product from MAC and they are always LE. This time isn't any different. Just be careful of the lighter colours as they pick up any kind of flakiness on the lips. The standouts here are Eden Rouge and Camden Chic.

    As for the Lipglass, Fluidline and the Powder Blush, each offer a little twist for colours. Restless is a gorgeous burnt reddy bronze and my favourite out of the bunch. The Fluidlines remain one of the best cream liners. My favourite here is Dark Diversion. Now, the cheeks do not want to be left out. Hidden Treasure is just that. It looks like you have been outdoors and great for one of fall's trends - the flush.  Unfortunately, I can't really say much of the nail lacquers. My feeling is there are better polishes out there for less.

    Eyeshadow Duos: $33 cdn

    Culturalized: Brule (soft creamy beige) and Retrospeck (mid tone neutral gold)
    Marche aux Puces: Chessa (mid tone golden orange) and Indie Spirit (chestnut brown)
    On the Hunt: Star Myth (bronzed violet) and Raving Mad (bronzed red)
    Whims & Fancy:  Performance Art (platinum silver) and Shadowy Lady (blackened plum)

    Mattene Lipstick: $18 cdn

    Fun Finds - light pink nude
    Camden Chic - rich brick red
    Delectable - orange beige
    Fashion Nomad - bright red orange
    Eden Rouge - bright blue red

    Fluidline: $18 cdn

    Dark Diversion - blackened plum
    Rich Ground - reddened coco with frost
    Local Wares - dirty olive with multi dimensional pearl

    Lipglass: $18 cdn

    C-thru -peachy beige with shimmer
    Eclectic Edge -mid tone clean true orange
    Ready to Roam - mid tone true blue red
    Restless - dark burnt bronze

    Powder Blush: $24

    Hidden Treasure - rich burnt red
    Supercontinental - bright cute coral
    Worldly Wealth - shimmery peachy bronze

    Nail Lacquer: $19

    Styleseeker - duo chrome orange red
    Mean & Green -  purple with teal multi changing pearl
    Gadabout Girl - blackened plum

    I took home a few little bits and baubles- Marche aux Puces, Restless, Dark Diversion, and Camden Chic.

    top-bottom: Camden Chic, Restless, Marche aux Puces, Dark Diversion

    Me wearing Restless and Marche aux Puces.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    The Who's Who of Beauty

    As someone who uses and "collects" makeup, I have a habit of being a tad biased when it comes to some companies. I have always noticed, whether it was the packaging, texture or ingredients, obvious similarities between high-end and low-end cosmetics. This can be explained by who owns them. Now, most people know L'Oreal owns Lancome, Maybelline, Vichy and La Roche Posay and Estee Lauder owns Clinique and MAC, but there were some other brands that many do not know about. There are four major players on the beauty scene and these include Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) and Shiseido.

    I have compiled lists of some of the companies and their brands:

    Estee Lauder
    • Aramis
    • Clinique
    • Smashbox
    • MAC
    • Prescriptives
    • Bobbi Brown
    • Origins
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • La Mer
    • Aveda
    • Jo Malone
    • Bumble and Bumble
    • Michael Kors
    • Darphin
    • Tom Ford
    • Coach
    • Ojon

    • L'Oreal Paris
    • Garnier
    • Maybelline New York
    • Essie
    • Giorgio Armani
    • Keratase
    • Redken
    • Matrix
    • Shu Uemura
    • Ralph Lauren
    • Lancome
    • Helena Rubinstein
    • Biotherm
    • Cacharel
    • Viktor and Rolf
    • Diesel
    • The Body Shop
    • YSL Beaute
    • Vichey
    • La Roche Posay
    • Kiehl's
    • Roger & Gallet
    • Skinceuticals
    • Stella McCartney

    • Benefit
    • Acqua di Parma
    • Guerlain
    • Givenchy
    • Marc Jacobs
    • Christian Dior
    • Kenzo
    • Fresh
    • Make Up For Ever
    • Sephora's namesake line
    • Fendi

    • Ayura
    • Cle de Peau
    • Decleor
    • Iso Hair
    • Joico
    • NARS Cosmetics
    • Jean Paul Gaultier
    • Issey Miyake
    • Narciso Rodriguez
    • John Varvatos

    • Bourjois
    • Chanel

    • Kibio
    • Thierry Mugler
    • Azzaro
    • Stock holder in L'Occitane

    • Revlon
    • Almay

    • Rimmel London
    • Lancaster

    Elizabeth Arden
    • Prevage
    • Fragrances such as Britany Spears

    Surprising eh? So when we look at a Lancome mascara, just know that the L'Oreal mascaras have the same research/technology and ingredients behind it. Or when we look at the baked blushes at Bourjois and compare them to Chanel, they are going to be relatively similar, at a fraction of the cost.

    xo Megs

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    A/W 2012/13 Trends - Emerald 'Eye'-sle

    To be green with envy is a feeling we keep to ourselves, however on the runways of Jason Wu and Roberto Cavalli, the makeup was gorgeous and worth expressing. To me, it evokes the image of the iridescent shell of the scarab.
    Backstage at Jason Wu
    Source :

    Many of my friends are scared to try green. I am unsure if it is colour itself or its application. Either way, makeup is fun and should never be terrifying. Hopefully, I can take away the green eyeshadow anxiety by showing how easy it can be worn.

    Roberto Cavalli A/W 2012

    Both of the trends use a metallic green, whilst Cavalli uses more of a forest green, Jason Wu has more of an emerald or teal tone to it.  To make the green stand out the key is to use a base (cream or powder) in either black or green. Here are some gorgeous greens that you won't mind making others covet ;)

    • Bourjois Eyeshadow - Noir Emeraude
    • MAC Eyeshadow - Humid
    • Too Face Eyeshadow - Neptune
    • Cargo Eyeshadow Palette - Tennessee
    • MAC Metal X Cream Shadow - Verdigris
    • Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - I Have a Green
    xo Megs

    Monday, August 20, 2012

    A/W 2012/13 Trends - Brown Smokey Eye

    The black smokey eye is pretty much a staple for Autumn and Winter, but this year black kohl takes a backseat and brown becomes the center of a attention. Seen at Burberry, Blumarine, and Givenchy.

    As per usual, Pat McGrath (love her) was ubiquitous during the A/W 2012 collections. At Givenchy, her take on the brown smokey eye was delicious and rich.  To achieve this eye look I recommend using bronze and chocolate colours such as:
    • Bobbie Brown  Cream Shadow - Beach Bronze
    • Urban Decay Eyeshadow- Smog
    • MAC Eye Pencil - Coffee
    • Bourjois Metallic Eyeliner - 52 Brun Inoxydable
    • MAC Eyeshadow - Handwritten
    • MAC Eyeshadow - Brun


    Backstage at Burberry A/W 2012/13
    Image from

    At Burberry, head Makeup Artist, Wendy Rowe created a beautiful country-meets-city chic. It is an an elegant wearable look for day or night. It definitely aligns with the Burberry aesthetic.  To re-create this smokey look, use colours that are taupe and more cooler medium browns, such as:
    • Maybelline Color Tattoo - Tough as Taupe
    • MAC Eyeshadow - Concrete
    • MAC Eyeshadow - Copperplate
    • MAC Eyeliner - Coffee
    I will be posting pictures and filming videos regarding how to make these runway trends work for real life.

    Using Tough as Taupe, MAC - Concrete,Stubborn Brown, Brun

    Can't wait to try them both.

    xo Megs