Saturday, October 6, 2012

Loving Now: Estee Lauder

My foray into Estee Lauder was my mother. Traumatized and intimidated by Youth Dew and the old, ornate gold lipstick packaging, many my age and younger, associate the company with a more mature generation. Something Estee Lauder is acutely aware of as evidenced by having Tom Pecheux at the helm of creating gorgeous colour stories and collections appealing to a broader range of consumers.
I ventured into the cloud of White Linen and little brown bottles, to discover a gun metal coloured lipstick/luminizer, metallic creamy eyeshadows and a vampy autumn collection. The Pure Colour Gelee Powder eyeshadows were calling me the most. I wanted to try them all, however two decidedly caught my eye - cyber teal and cyber lilac. Both are begging to be used in a smokey eye and can be best described as a metallic smokey teal and lilac. Pure and simple. The formulation is not new, as Estee Lauder launched it last year and we have seen it at M.A.C.  They are creamy, yet  powdery. They blend beautifully and last over 12 hours. I would love to purchase more, but they are on the expensive side.

The down and dirty:
  • texture: creamy and powdery
  • colours: 14, 6 of which are limited edition
  • price: $28 Cdn
Oh and I am not done, in another blog post I mentioned the Invisible Fluid foundation. This directly competes with Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua, YSL Touch Eclat, Urban Decay's Naked, and Armani's Maestro Fusion. I have tried all of them and I have to say the Invisible Fluid and Vitalumiere Aqua are my favourite, but for different reasons. Having normal to oily skin, I find the Invisible Fluid allows my skin to show without worry of oil coming through. My skin but better. Vitalumiere Aqua gives my skin a nice natural dewiness without an oil slick. So all in all, I am impressed with Estee Lauder's direction and challenging itself. 
The down and dirty:
  • coverage: sheer to light
  • finish: semi-matte
  • price: $42.50 Cdn
xo Megs


  1. I have the gold colour gelee and absolutely love it, the packaging is fab too :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I adore these shadows.