Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bridal Makeup/Long Lasting Makeup

I had the pleasure of doing my good friend's wedding day makeup and her bridal party, that would be 6 in total.....phew. It was so much fun to make each one of them feel beautiful and comfortable.  While the former is paramount, the latter is extremely important too. For instance, three of my girls did not routinely wear makeup, which can be slightly uncomfortable for them and tricky for the makeup artist. Whether it be extremely natural makeup or a smokey eye, to them any amount of makeup was going to be shocking. The key is to really keep the colours neutral and use their colouring as a guide. For example, look at their natural lip colour and go a little a shade lighter or darker. For the eyes, keep the colours soft and matte and use these colours to accentuate their eye colour. Remember to explain to them that flash photography with wash them out and that makeup is needed. I like taking a picture with a flash just to show them the difference.


Use waterproof makeup wherever you can! Companies have some excellent products that keep that makeup from going anywhere.
Make Up For Ever aqua eye liners are fabulous

Layer, layer layer- this means using an eye pencil then going over it with a similar eye shadow. Use lip liner and then a lipstick, blot, lipstick ,blot, lipstick.

PRIMER - using a face primer and an eye primer is essential for any long lasting makeup. I love using Smashbox Photofinish Primer. They are all oil-free and great for making the skin smooth and flawless.

FOUNDATION when it is hot and you want it to last, I love using Cover FX Natural FX and MAC's Face and Body. These babies last under most conditions. Be warned - if you have super oily skin proceed with the aforementioned with caution. They do not work as well.

SETTING SPRAYS - Urban Decay De-Slick is an excellent one and MAC's Fix Plus

Wedding makeup is definitely individual. However, I am a firm believer of having the Bride looking like herself but glamorous.
xo Megs