Thursday, June 5, 2014

M.A.C. Alluring Aquatic


M.A.C., you little sea nymph. How dare you lure me with your siren song of metallic turquoise packaging.....damn you!! Ahhhh I digress. Packaging aside, this year's summer collection is just swimming (like that eh ;) )  Check out my latest video about it.

cheers Megs xo

Lime Crime

Lime Crime
Unicorns do exist.....thanks to Lime Crime. I couldn't help smile when I first saw this packaging. I pictured myself skipping with fairies and glitter, lots of glitter. Whilst some may find it juvenile and tacky, I think it's cute and unique. To me, the line is whimsical and creative. Mind you I still love my black and chrome.

Recently, I purchased seven shades of Lime Crime's Opaque Lipstick:
  • Airborne Unicorn- mid tone bright purple. Good amount of pigmentation and very comfortable on the lips.
  • Glamour 101 - brick deep red. Glamour 101 glides lovely on the lips  and is slightly sheerer then the others. Extremely wearable red and formulation. One of my favourites.
  • Chinchilla - creamy grey with lavender tone. Chinchilla is my favourite as it is creamy, opaque and a unique colour.
  • Styletto - black.  Satin formulation that needs more than one coat on the lips. Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Cosmo Pop - soft, creamy, milky orange. Cosmo Pop is more chalking and opaque, one just has to be careful not to go over the lips many times or patches may peek through.
  • Coquette - peachy nude. Creamy and opaque. This is a great nude for most people.
  • Poisonberry - deep bright purple blue undertones. It goes on smoothly and slightly sheer. Poisonberry stains the lips. Personally, I do not have a problem with that as it makes it last longer.

L-R Chinchilla, Styletto, Coquette, Poisonberry, Glamour 101, Cosmo POP, Airborne Unicorn

Most are creamy and opaque, with a satin finish without being dry. Additionally, these lovelies have a vanilla fragrance.

If you are looking for vegan lipstck and not tested on animals, then look no further than Lime Crime. In Canada, one can order them online from 18.99 + shipping or $19.99 cdn

xo Megs