Saturday, March 7, 2015

ColourPop - Taking Over

If you are into makeup as much as I am, you have heard of ColourPop. A cosmetics company that is building its reputation on affordable ($5.00 USD) and high end-feeling products. Additionally, it is savvy utilizing YouTube through collaborations with popular YouTube beauty personalities. Furthermore, the names are tongue in cheek (Get Lucky, Bull Chic,) the finishes and colours are bold and appeal to those with disposal income. Just to quickly add, the lippie stix have either matching or colour coordinating lip pencils. So if you have a black lipstick and are using your black eyeliner, you now can have a proper lip pencil.

Lippie Stix $5.00 usd (0.0357oz /1g) comparison: MAC lipsticks are 3g
  • Matte
  • glossy
  • satin
  • hyperglossy
  • pearlized
Super Shock Eyeshadow + Pigments $5.00 usd (0.07oz)

  • Metallic
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Ultra Metallic
  • Pearlized
  • Tie Dyed
  • Pressed Pigment  
 Super Shock Cheek Blush $8.00 usd
  • Matte
  • Satin
I watch a lot of YouTube videos and unfortunately, as hard as I try, I do fall victim to hype and these are sooooooooo hyped online. Tentative, I purchased 5 items, two Lippie Stix - Cookie and Pitch and three Super Shock Eyeshadows - On the Rocks, La La, and 3.

The packaging is clean and white with holographic labeling with the lippie stix coming in a twist up stick and the shadows coming in a screw top pot. They also include a cute handwritten inspirational note, awwwww. Who cares, right? Let's move on to the product, which is what you want to know about. The eyeshadows are an interesting texture - kind of like Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre - in that it is a cream to powder formulation but then there is a bounce to ColourPop's shadows. They are best used with your fingers but can be easily blended with brushes.

Cookie - is a matte nude beige with peach undertones.
Application: smooth, easy and creamy.

Pitch - is a matte chocolate with warm undertones.
Application: smooth and creamy

On the Rocks -A warm bronze with pink and gold glitters. Metallic in finish with very little fall out.

La La - Metallic coppery brown with hints of pink. It's described as a "true rose gold". The pay off is intense with no creasing.

3 - A metallic cool bronze with silver glitter. Some fallout but no creasing.

Overall, the shadows, that I have tried, are fantastic. They blend well, do not crease and are intensely pigmented. The lipsticks are creamy and do not dry out the lips. Although, they say they are matte, there is some shine to them. I was so impressed I put in another order! They only issue is the shipping, the exchange rate and how they are mailed. Let me explain the latter, these little babies are fragile so packaging them in an envelope instead of a box as our neighbours to the south would receive them is perhaps taking a risk with the product, just sayin'.

Check out this company for awesome nudes, pinks, purples, dark, blacks, greens - you name it.

xo Megs

P.S. I purchased more eyeshadows in Get Lucky, Fringe, Girly, So Quiche, Hammered and Smash. Also, more lipsticks in Bullchic, Skimpy, Creature, and Wet.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marsala - Pantone 2015 Colour of the Year

Marsala  conjures the images of an earthy and full bodied wine. And according to Pantone, it is the new colour of the year. Past colours include last year's Radiant Orchid, 2013 Emerald,  2012 Tangerine Tango, 2011 Honeysuckle, and 2010 Turquoise.

The colour is beautiful and complimentary to many skin tones. Furthermore, to find a true Marsala is difficult -  images show wine, aubergines, burgundy, and brick red. However, this colour is more like a brown, plum, earthy deep rose - a "robust nude".  Personally, I love it for lips and cheeks. Eyeshadow might be a little more difficult, but it can be done. 

I decided to go through my own collection and surprisingly enough, I have quite a few items that will satisfy The Colour. They are not perfect but close enough.

Illamasqua :  Beg and Kiss blushes
Estee Lauder : Alluring Rose blush
MAC: Sea Me, Hear Me Blush
Tarte: Dazzled Blush
Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush- 310 Rosewood
Bite Beauty: Musk Lipstick - medium brown, pink
MAC: Del Rio - deeper in colour, Amorous - medium plum/cranberry, Modesty- slightly pinky, Viva Glam III
Clarins: Earthy Pink

Other colours Sephora suggest:
Nars Blush - Outlaw
Kat Von D lipstick - Lolita
Urban Decay - Naked 3
Zoya - Marney

xo Megs