Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Brand Focus - Cover FX


Cover FX started out in 2000, with products that were free of irritants, thus suitable for those with truly sensitive skin. Lee Graff, a co-founder and corrective makeup specialist working at Sunnybrook Hosptial, helped create a product that provides a wide range of colours that is full coverage, while still looking like skin.

In 2003, Cover FX launched in Shoppers Drug Mart. This is where I became involved with the brand in 2006. Beauty Boutiques allowed the public easy access to their Cover FX cream foundation, which helped those with vetilago, rosecea, acne scarring and other skin issues. From here, they expanded their line to include bronzers, blush, more foundations, lip products, primers (which is still one of the best serums/primers), powders, and brushes.  Honestly, their reputation, quality of product and vast colour selection made it a favourite among us makeup artists and our clients.  I have to say, when this company had schools, many of us clamored to go. Additionally, anytime I have freelanced for weddings, I have only used Natural FX as a foundation. It photographs beautifully while still providing coverage and allowing the skin to show through.

Finally, this little Canadian Company continued to grow and wound up in Sephora. It relaunched with new packaging and developed new products, but stayed true to its foundation and philosphy. Their primers are still amazing, as is their Natural FX foundation and illuminating setting powder.

As you can tell, I am a little biased and love this company.

My favourites:

Natural FX
Illuminating Setting Powder
Anti-Aging Primer (repackaged used to be their Serum/Primer)
Custom Cover Drops

You can find them at Shoppers Drug Mart