Sunday, August 7, 2016

Underrated Products

Sometimes watching YouTube is like watching a paid advertisement on TV. Some products work and are worth the hype that surrounds them. Others, well we all have a drawer full of products that we do not use. Then there are those products that are hardly talked about but are absolutely amazing. 

I've compiled a list of those either lesser known companies and/or products. 

Koh Gen Do - Maifanshi Aqua Foundation- My absolute favourite foundation. When I wear this, I know my skin looks amazing.

Brush Guards- they keep my brushes in shape and allow them to dry more quickly.

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner  - acts as a toner, refresher and it's cheap. Found at most health food shops. amazon etc. I generally hate toners, but this doesn't strip the skin and the rose adds a lovely scent.

Ciate Blush Pop-  love these cream blushes even with my normal combo skin. They blend easily and last on the skin.

Face Atelier - Ultra Foundation - medium coverage, slightly dewy finish and easy to blend. Love the coverage and look

Ultra Sheer - liquid highlighter that can be mixed or used on its own. It is subtle but beautiful

Facade - multi use product for cheeks and lips. Mousse texture and matte.

Yaby eyeshadow - small but mighty, very pigmented and inexpensive. I travel with these all the time.

Daniel Sandler -  Watercolor blush. So natural and easy to use.

Shiseido Facial Cottons- 165 sheets of Egyptian Cotton. They don't absorb all of your product and no fluffs :)

M.A.C. lip mixes - creamy, pigmented, and does not feather. No peppermint to irritate. Love these to mix new colour and easy to use.

M.A.C. Patent Lip Polishes- subtle colour with a creamy, glossy finish. Not sticky.

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