Sunday, June 19, 2016

What's New - M.A.C. Bangin' Brilliant Lipstick

M.A.C. is one of those companies that promotes creativity and innovation with their looks, formulation, collaboration and programs. So it has been a surprise that other than their pro products, M.A.C. has not had a permanent collection of funky lipstick colours i.e., black, white, navy, light blue etc. However, the Bangin' Brilliant lipstick collection, inspires and provides ample shades to satisfy those cravings.

M.A.C. recently introduced 18 new shades to their permanent lipstick collection; varying from Dew - a periwinkle blue to In the Spirit - pure black. The finishes remain true to the core M.A.C collection which include mattes, satins, frosts and lusters, with mattes making up the majority.

My thoughts 

I added seven to my stash, with all but one being matte. They glide on smoothly and feel creamy; they do not feel like a typical matte lippie. However, Dreampot, was unable to reach full opacity and was streaky and Dew was similar, but slightly more opaque.  Additionally, other than Really Me, the other colours have this fragrance reminiscent to Colour Pop's lippie stix - playdoh vanilla; however, it isn't as strong. I feel these do not have the lasting power of  a typical M.A.C  matte. These have lots of slip and seem to feather. A lip liner is a must.

Cdn $21/ US $17.

Not all the colours are currently in stores. International release is slated for Fall.

In the Spirit- black matte - took a few layers to achieve the desired opacity

In My Fashion - deep chocolate brown matte

Deep Rooted - taupe grey brown- matte

Lightly Charred - light grey matte

Dew - light purple/blue -satin

Dreampot- light turquoise blue- matte - streaky, hard to get fully opaque

Really Me- pale, muted pink nude -matte

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